SOUTH TOMS RIVER REDEVELOPMENT

In order to clear up some falsehoods about South Toms River’s redevelopment projects that have been made recently regarding the Dover Rd Redevelopment behind the WAWA & the associated COAH and Route 166 Redevelopment projects: These projects are good for our town both short and long term. They bring valuable ratables, add desirable market rate housing and much needed commercial sites to our town in areas that could easily be developed in ways that are much, much worse for our community. The commercial portion will add jobs & businesses that will improve South Toms River. The single affordable apartment building will provide a substantial part of our COAH obligation, required by the state of New Jersey, and with the redeveloper footing the entire bill rather than our taxpayers. The redeveloper is one of the northeast’s premier home builders with an impeccable reputation and he has adjusted his proposed plans to accommodate every request that was made by the Citizen Advisory Committee. In addition, it is more than a little disingenuous to refer to the PILOT program as just a “tax break” since the redeveloper will pay nearly 16 Million Dollars ($16,000,000.00) to the Borough over the course of the program while providing his own snow plowing, road repair, trash collection, and security. It was also failed to mention that without this redevelopment plan the Route 166/Crabbe Rd redevelopment is unlikely to happen which is by far and away our best option to turn that dilapidated section into an area our community can be proud of. So a refusal to sign agreements, in spite of UNANIMOUS passage by the Council, isn’t doing anything to help South Toms River. In fact, it is simply a political ploy that hurts South Toms River and her residents.

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