There are an endless number of issues that our community faces. And, how we decide to tackle them as a community is incredibly important. Education, public safety, and the economy are certainly at the top of the list; however, there are plenty of other issues that families and neighborhoods face on a daily basis that also need to be addressed. That is what looks to help with.
Solutions don’t' com easy. By listening and talking about ideas big steps toward finding solutions and common ground can be made. It's how we can ensure our community is better off for everyone. If we work for it, it will happen. There is a Community Advisory Board they are looking for all interested residents to be a part of it. Contact the Borough Hall to be put on the notify of meetings list.

It all starts with a Idea. The idea is brought to the Mayor and Council they bring it to the advisory board everyone talks about it and finds the best way to solve the problems the the idea presents. After the ideas problems have solutions it is sent to Legal then sent back to Mayor and Council to act apon.  After the action of the Council the idea is implemented. and that is how we get Redevelopment in our Borough.